Maguire for DuPage
Working for You


Passion. Experience. Diligence.

Who I am

I am a 22-year resident of West Chicago, currently serving as the Democratic Precinct Captain of Wayne 39. During the last year, I worked at the Democratic Party of DuPage County as a coordinator of the summer issue canvass, reaching over 4,000 doors in an effort to understand what DuPage wants.

For the last decade, I have volunteered to work with numerous organizations in an effort to give to the community. I have worked with the West Chicago Park District, American Legion, VFW Post 6791, and three local churches in construction and refurbishment projects. Smaller scale volunteer work -- packing lunches for Lazarus House or lending an ear to Chicago's homeless -- has filled much of my time.

My first encounters with government came 10 years ago, when I petitioned the District 33 and 94 School Boards to start school later in the morning. A few years later, I was at the West Chicago City Council asking the members how our government ran. The first project I did with the government was 6 years ago, when I planned and executed the restoration of a portion of Reed Keppler Park, ultimately involving over 400 hours of work.

I have loved all of this work: spotting challenges and finding out what I can do to help. DuPage faces a great deal of challenges right now, as does our country, so I want to do my part and help in fixing these problems.

What I Believe

Government is for the people.

For some reason, that has been forgotten today. Our representative to Congress is notorious for cancelling his public meetings and hiding away. Our state reps are largely unknown. It often feels like we have to fight against elected officials, and that just makes no sense. Even if we disagree with those in power, it should not be a fight. They should listen. They should hear what we have to say and understand what we need.

I believe each member of our government should be accessible. Even if I can't make that happen for everyone else, I can make myself open. I can read and respond to your emails. I can find out what problems you're having and see how the county can help.

That's the core of my belief in government. It is for you, it is for the people. What it does should help and protect the people. From maintaining roads to keeping gambling away from the most vulnerable, it should be for you.


Why we can Win

Republicans have dominated DuPage County for over 100 years. Only in the last 10 years have there been any County Board Members from the Democratic party.

Yet over 65% of DuPage voted Democratic in the last presidential election.

The landscape has changed. The left has surged. The people are tired of this one-party rule, of unchallenged elections, of unchallenged decisions.

The Republicans may have more money, but they lack the energy that Democrats are starting to buzz with across the county. We can win by having your help, by having volunteers come together, canvass the district, and get the word out that change is coming.