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Support and understand the campaign of John Maguire for DuPage County Board district six. I support increased flood control, improved programs to help people keep their homes, and new tactics to tackle the growing opioid epidemic.


Accessibility and Responsibility

Our government works for the people when it's in the open. Hiding decisions and debates behind closed doors does no good for you, the voter. It mutes your voice. Whether at the national, state, or county level, keeping secrets doesn't just lead to bad policy, it causes mistrust.

The County Board should be accountable to you. They should fight for your votes and not just rely on reelection year after year. Their job-security shouldn't depend on trust that the money they spend is spent right. Shouldn't there be questions with an annual budget of $454,000,000? Doesn't the approval of $11,500,000 in under thirty minutes at a June meeting seem ludicrous?

Most people don't know what the County Board does, or what they are even supposed to do. That is not their fault, it's the fault of Board Members only talking about a showpiece, not the new bike trail that costs a dozen times more than normal, or about the floods that plague DuPage.

I want to do this differently. I want to be open and honest, accessible and responsible to you for everything I do, whether good or bad. I want to talk to unions about their challenges, hear complaints from homeowners whose basements have flooded, and understand whatever issue you might be facing.

Email me, call me, send me a message on Twitter or Facebook -- however you want to, talk to me. I will listen. And as I keep going with this campaign, and on the County Board if elected, I will post about every meeting, committee, and policy I know about.

I am here for you, not the other way around.




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Your Voice

Tell me what you want for DuPage County. Whether you're Democrat, Republican, conservative, liberal, or even a libertarian, I want to hear what you have to say. Know about a problem? Send it to me. Have an outspoken view on local issues? Bring it here.

If I'm elected, I'll see what I can do to help. If not, I can continue to advocate for what matters most to people at regular meetings, party events, and to those that do win.

Supporting Change


By early June of 2017, the DuPage Housing Authority had less than 5% of it's vouchers for the year unclaimed. By July, new applicants were being put on a wait list. People who lost their jobs or fell on hard times cannot get the help they need. With the high cost of living in DuPage, more needs to be done.

Opioid Epidemic

More and more heroin pours into villages and cities across the county. Addicts increasingly burden emergency services and cost taxpayers. That's nothing compared to the destruction of families and lives. Addiction treatment would save the County money and people their lives, rather than looking to jail and the ER as solutions.


Companies that bid on county contracts can donate to Board Members campaigns in several ways. Doing so can increase the odds they get chosen to build a bike path, sewer, or road. Whether the money comes before or after the project is completed, it needs to stop.



If you live in DuPage you know there is a flooding problem. Roads become impassable with heavy rains, with the worst destroying both homes and businesses. Cooperation between the County and towns is urgently needed to fund projects that can fix this growing problem.                                                        


There are well-known discussions about how to protect nature at higher levels of government, but the actions of counties and towns make a difference as well. Development of certain areas can destroy prairies and wetlands. Chronic flooding can devastate forests and lowlands. Addressing these issues can save the beauty around us.

Planning for the future

It has become clear in the last few years that we cannot rely on the state government to help fund social services. Emergency funds should be set aside to protect against future lapses in federal and state funding in an uncertain time.                                                              

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