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Flooded Forests, flooded streets

Each of these photos are of areas that, two years ago, were forests. Heavy rain in places with only ditches for drainage mixed with increased rainfall leads to drowning some areas. This chokes out trees and destroys life that was there. When floods strike downtown areas, as they have in Warrenville many times in the last decade, they can shut down an entire city.

Fixing it

Climate change in Illinois means increased rainfall, according to NOAA. We need to update our stormwater management plan to keep up with the changes, set aside funds to add proper drainage systems for county and township roads, and cooperate with local governments to save our homes. The current strategy -- deploying sandbags and opening inadequate reservoirs -- is not enough.

 The streetview of Metea Valley from Eola Road. Pictured here is an existing trail connecting the school to the Illinois Prairie Path.

The streetview of Metea Valley from Eola Road. Pictured here is an existing trail connecting the school to the Illinois Prairie Path.

Extraordinary expense

In May, 2017, the County Board approved part of a project to construct 500 feet of bike path to connect Metea Valley High School to the Illinois Prairie Path. This path will cost the county $205,791.66, and a total over $1.8m when including federal contributions. This is a cost around eighteen million dollars per mile. The normal cost of a paved bike path is around $250,000 per mile. This path costs 72 times more than the going rate.


Empty Podiums

How are we supposed to hear about these problems when many of our County Board Members neither knock on our doors nor call us? How are we supposed to know their positions if they don't come to local meetings and talk to us?

I will be a Board Members who comes out and seeks your voice. I will be a Member who knows part of the job is to constantly walk in neighborhoods and visit constituents. I will be a Member who works hard to inform the voters and boost community involvement -- I will be the kind of County Board Member we really need.

Unchecked waste

This project received support from 16 of 18 County Board Members, including that of Kevin Wiley and Jim Zay. In fact, Mr. Zay championed the project to newspapers, bragging that it was a necessary addition despite Metea already being connected to the Prairie Path. Is that good use of your tax dollars?


hidden meetings

The Finance Committee scheduled a critical meeting -- meant to legalize video gambling in DuPage -- at 7.30 on a Tuesday morning. Members of the public were invited to come out and share their views, which were almost unanimously against the immoral measure.

Not only was this meeting scheduled earlier than usual, the discussion of video gambling was moved from the start to the end of the agenda, forcing those who took time off work to oppose the change to wast more time.

Democracy demands involvement. Our government should strive to hear the voice of every citizen, not keep them away by scheduling key moments when most are working.