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National and Local: What the Democratic party is where.

After the 2016 election cycle, a lot of people are exhausted from politics. A lot of people are concerned about what the Democrats were doing. A lot of people want to be more involved.

Well, what exactly concerned people about the Democrats after the election?

Some said we weren't far enough left. Others that we weren't far enough to the center. Mostly, though, it was this idea that the party felt like it was disjointed from the people, from the voters. That it didn't get their desires and didn't line up.

The party seemed disjointed internally as well, that it wasn't a party of strong policies, or the party of the people it has become, but a party of disparate individuals and ideas. This was largely came out of Clinton and Sanders having entirely different perspectives and personalities. The very notion that we had two camps within the party hammered in this idea: we were not one, not united.

But here's the thing: that's all at the national level.

Most people didn't hear about the incredible efforts in tandem by those at the local level. People don't know that Liz Chaplin, the only Democrat currently on the DuPage County Board, won by just fifty votes thanks to coordinated efforts.

Here, in DuPage, the party had the best showing it ever has. We won more races than ever, and had more involvement than ever. Going into the start of the 2018 election cycle, we now have even more people volunteering and coming to events.

People are coming together and focusing on working to make a difference. We saw literally hundreds of volunteers for the Summer Issue Canvass. We've reached a new record for the number of precinct captains. The party office has people working in it daily.

That's what the local party is. It's a place where everyone comes together and makes a difference. It's where each individual contribution can actually win the election and change the lives of all the million inhabitants of DuPage County.

We may be fragmented nationally, a party trying to figure out what it will be tomorrow. We are united locally. We have strong leadership with clear goals. We have deep cooperation between neighbors.

And we are making a difference.

Every contribution matters, each extra person out walking significantly increases our chances of winning. Let's keep working together.